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Goddess Renuka Mata Temple

Temple of Goddess Renukamata, Mother of Lord Parshuram is situated exactly backside of Lord Parshuram temple. Goddess Renuka Mata is also known and worshiped as “Ekvira Devi” and “Yallamma Devi” in Various regions. The Divine husband of Goddess Renuka Mata and father of Lord Parshuram, Sage Jamadagni was a great sage and was killed by a Demon King named “Sahasrarjuna”. For Taking Revenge of his father Lord Parshuram Decided to kill all Demon king’s including Sahasrarjuna. He fought with all those kings with a special weapon named ‘Parshu’ given to him by Lord Shankar as a blessing and Killed Demon ‘Sahasrarjuna’. He brought the head of ‘Sahasrarjuna’ and kept it in front of his mother Goddess Renuka. Daughter of Vidarbha Goddess renuka gone “Sati” (Hindu funeral custom where a widow immolates herself on her husband's pyre) on MahurGad in Marathwada. While going Sati Goddess Renuka gave her son blessing of always being at the back of Lord Parshuram. So Goddess Renukamata’s Temple is exactly backside of Lord Parshuram temple.

Shri Datta Mandir

Shri dattaguru Mandir is near lord parshuram temple on Hamendra hill. There is a water reservoir (small lake) beneath the temple and ancient caves near the temple. The water reservoir is always in a flow even in water scarcity conditions in nearby areas. Lord parshuram’s Father’s Sage Jamadagni’s Funeral was done at Mahur. For this funeral Shri Dattaguru had done all the religious rituals at that time. For consolation, Shri Dattaguru came to Mahendra Hill to meet Lord Parshuram, where they had a long discussion. On their meeting spot a beautiful temple of Shri Dattaguru was built later by Guru Brahmendra swami.
Guru Brahmendra swami also used to live in the cave near to Shri Dattaguru Temple.On the way to Shri Dattaguru temple there is a big well near Shri Dhavaji Temple which is called as Dhavaji’s well. Water of this well is never ending and is carried to the village and Lord Parshuram temple for Daily use.
It is a nice Place to visit in any season as the weather here is very pleasant.   

Devi Gangamata Temple

Bhagwan Parshuram Prayed to mother Ganga to avail the eternal flow of water on Mahendra hill. Lord Parshuram aimed an arrow and created a stream with the blessings of Goddess Ganga where todays lake named BaanGanga is situated. It is a holy water reservoir which is a perennial Reservior. On its banks temple of Devi Gangamata was constructed by Guru Brahmendra swami.
For years, the villagers have been using this water for drinking up till now. Goddess Renukamata Temple is near this holy Lake on the circumambulation of lord Parshuram. It is believed that by offering coin to this lake once wishes are fulfilled. So, many devotees offer Coins to this lake to fulfill their desires. 

The Dhavaji Temple

The god dhavaji temple is on the way to the lord Parshuram temple. It is the deity of village Parshuram. The Speciality of the god dhavaji is that, it is believed that God Dhavaji is the protector/Guardian of the native people. In Navratri Continuous Nine days are celebrated by worshiping its wakefulness. The villagers organize various programmes. On the day of full moon in the Marathi month of Magh the special 3 yearly festival “Sama” is arranged. Within these three days a big Fair is Arranged by localizes. This festival is celebrated with great devotions & affections by the villagers. In this occasion the two divine sisters of the God Dhavaji, Goddess Zolaidevi from Walope, Goddess Garjai from Aambdas and goddess Kalkai wife of God Dhavaji from Dhamandevi, all are brought together by the local worshipers for this function. Nowadays only the goddess Zolai and goddess Kalkai come for this function. It is the most renowned place in this region.

Lord Hanuman Temple

Exactly oppositeto Lord Parshuram Temple there is Hanuman temple. This temple was built by the great sage Swami Ramdas. The specialty of this temple is the idol of lord Hanuman is facing to Southern direction. The temple has the ancient carving on it from all sides. And is built in the black stone many years ago. Below the door of this temple there is a small idol of King Eagle.
As the Lord Parshuram is also the incarnation of lord Vishnu same as lord Shriram, the worshipers of Shriram come here to worship believing that Lord Parshuram And Lord Shriram are the same. It is believed that Lord Hanuman is the gateway to worship Lord Shriram. So all the devotees first visitlord Hanuman temple and then Visit Lord Parshuram Temple. 

Lord Vitthal Temple

Lord Vitthal Temple is on the way to Lord Parshuram Temple. This was built in 1980’s by the local villagers. The pilgrims from Konkan region visit the temple with Faith and belief that on theday of saints Ekadashi (Margashirsha Ekadashi) Lord Vitthal comes to meet Lord Parshuram. As the Pilgrimage to Pandharpur is very long enough many people come here and worship lord Parshuram who is also a incarnation of Lord Vishnu same as Lord Vitthal. On the occasion of Aashadhi Ekadashi and Kartiki Ekadashi the festival is celebrated devotionally. During Kartiki Ekadashi festival Villagers arrange 3 days festival where every night elegant Preacher presents stories of Lord Vitthal in the preaching way(Kirtan) with help of Hymns and Shloka’s. preaching is accompanied by Traditional musical instruments (Harmonium and Tabla). On the Third day all the devotees, Villagers are offered with mahaprasad on behalf of the villagers

Lord Shankar Temple

LordShankar Temple is Situated about 200 meters from Lord Parshuram Temple. The Parshuram Temple trust has just completed the reconstruction work of Lord Shankar Temple. There are 2 ponds with perennial water. Lord Shankar is the Great Teacher (Guru) of lord Parshuram. The temple has original seat of Lord Shankar. It is believed that the desires of the people visiting here are fulfilled that’s why this place has special importance. Many people visit this temple. Mahashivrathi festival is also celebrated here with great devotion by the villagers.

Shri Ganesh Temple

Lord ganesh temple is situated on the way to Lord Parshuram Temple. There are two small lakes near temple. The reconstruction of this temple is in process. From this temple nearly 1 kms away there is a “Deepstambh” Big Stone Lamp Stand on one of the cliffs of Mahendra Hill which is exactly in front of the temple. It was believed that the light of that lamp was coming upto todays Parshuram mandir at that times.
Near this Deepstambha on Mail Road (Mumbai-Goa) highway there is a huge waterfall Named “Sawatsada” where many people visit everytime.
About 300 years ago Guru Brahmendra swami constructed a systematic and well built-up water conveyer system from the Savatsada Waterfall upto Lord Parshuram Temple to Bring water in the village for Daily use.
The water conveyer line is so systematic that it was built underground, beneath the houses, etc and was distributed to the villagers through stone pipe system (Paat) which was built 300 years ago. This miraculous work was done by Sage Brahmendra Swami. 

Devi Jakhmata Temple

Goddess Jakhmata temple is beside of Lord Parshuram Temple. There are Four towers (Minars) on the temple which clearly indicate the Muslim Style Architecture. There is a perennial water reservoir in front of the temple.
Goddess Jakhmata is the village Deity. Goddess Jakhmata Is also Known as “Jakhaie”.the former temple was near the present Devi Gangamata Temple. But after the villagers insistence this new temple was built. Many devotees visit this temple regularly. 

Kamdhenu Temple

On Mahendra Hill, nearly 300 years ago, there was a forest and nobody lived here. On the banks of River Vashishthi Farmers used to farm and lived there only. These farmers used to graze their cattles on the Mahendra Hill. The elder people used to work on farm and their children used to take cattles for grazing on Mahendra Hill. After some days one of the farmers came to know that one of his cow’s is not giving milk. That farmer suspected that his son might be drinking milk everyday and scolded him for that. The hurt cowherd kept a watch on the same cow and found that on a certain place the cow stops and offers here milk on the ground. The cowherd went home and told this fact to his parents. His parents accompanied by villagers went at that place where the cow offered her milk. They found a flat stone which had divine holy spirits in it. Presently on the same place we have Lord Parshuram Temple.
The cowherd chased the cow to catch her, to his great surprise the cow disappeared suddenly in the valley beneath the Mahendra hill. In the remembrance of that cow All the villagers built a small hut on the place where that divine cow disappeared and started worshiping her. After many years a beautiful temple was constructed by local villagers and the temple was named Devi Kamdhenu Temple.

Shri SiddhiVinayak Temple

Generally Lord Ganesha is worshiped before doing any auspicious work. It is believed that before beginning of any work we worship Lord Ganesha, it is the symbol of wisdom, it keeps all the problems away. That’s why Ganesha is also called as Vighnaharta. Keeping this ritual in mind sage Brahmendra swami also built Lord Ganesh Temple before the construction of Lord Parshuram temple.The idol of Lord Ganesha is carved in a White Marble which has a very beautiful features. The temple was named as SiddhiVinayak Temple. The Grandson of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Son of Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj, Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj of Satara along with his Queen were present at the opening ceremony of the Siddhivinayak temple.
The idol of Lord Ganesha is about 300 Years old and still it is having the same features which were engraved on it. 

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