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History of Parshuram Temple

According to the historian and research scholar Dr. D.V. Jog, the Parshuram Temple in Parshuram Village is built in 570 A.D. The research document of Dr. Jog is titled Kokanastha Brahmananchi Kulkatha (The story of the Chittapavan Brahmin clan). The treatise describes the migration of the Chitpavan Brahmins to Konkan. The emperor Pulkeshi of Chalukyas declared himself the sovereign king. To commemorate the event he performed Ashwamedh Yadnya in Chiplun. Chiplun city was then established to support the activities of the Yadnya. The Rigvedi and Yajurvedi Brahmins who were brought form South Gujrat for the Yadnya stayed back. They are known as Chitpavans, according to Dr. Jog.
It is also mentioned in the book that whenever there was a big event like Rajasuya Ydnya or Ashwamedha Yadnya, a temple of Lord Parshuram was established near the sacred place. In addition, the goddess Vedavasini( A goddess having the four Vedas) was also worshipped. Therefore there is a temple of the goddess in Chiplun. It is now known as Vindhyavasini temple. Lord Kartikeya was believed to be the protector of the sacred place of Yadnya, So his temple was also built.


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